Welcome to the website of the Norwood Family Recipes. We first printed a Norwood Cookbook back in 1993 and it was such a hit, that people wore them out and asked for a second one. That second edition was then printed in 1997 after revisions and additions. Now, in 2005, many of those books are in shreds, so once again, everyone in the Norwood family is working on revising their favorite recipes and Mitchell has been hard at work on the computer putting them all together - this time in electronic format on the internet!

Our first cookbook was done mainly to preserve some of the wonderful recipes from England, Arkansas, the town where Diane and the kids all grew up and Hal was transplanted to back in the 60’s after he and Diane were married. We’ve still preserved some of those recipes, but have expanded it with more of our family’s favorites. It’s probably obvious what is important in this family -- DESSERT! You’ll find many delicious ones that we hope you’ll try. Many of these recipes are original and names have been included to give them credit. Other names are used because they passed the recipe on to our family. Apologies are sent to anyone who deserves credit but didn’t get it. We hope you enjoy trying these recipes and hope some of them become favorites of yours too.